Think of us as an extension of your marketing team

If agility were the new black, we’d be seriously stylish. Whether it’s hiring one of our team members for a specific task or letting us assemble a crew to tackle a project with more moving parts, we’ll get what needs to be done, done. It’s what we do.


Dan Holmes

Partner & CFO

Kathy Jung

VP of Operations

Ken Chen

Founder & President

Practice Area Leads

Charlie Mock

Head of Growth & Data Analytics

Justin Liszanckie

Head of Design & Development

Molly Tapias

Head of Strategy & Content


Alexis Keenan

Arianna Dogil

Azadeh Rasmussen

Cassie Kwong

Christine Keefer

Colleen McCarthy

Corrina Reff

Daniel Gehant

Diana Donovan

Ed Sweet

Eric Morley

Heather Chan

Jessie Therriault

Jocelyn Rasekhi

Joe Morrow

Karen Fontana

Karen Paluska

Kathy Greenstone

Kevin Cranfill

Kim Lopez-Walters

Laurie Penn-Moyer

Leilani Yau

Lindsey Obermeier

Lori Reddy

Lynn Bruno

Mark Harnett

Melissa Lin

Mike Zawitkowski

Monika Lecas

Nancy Keith Kelly

Nicole Hanusek

Pam Franklin

Patrick Lundbom

Paula Polley

Rachel Plasse

Ruben van Engelenburg

Sam Fintz

Sawdie Fernandez-Singh

Sharon Leong

Sipra Thakur

Stonia Seng

Suzy DeLine

Tara Verner

Tina Baylocq

Tina Hou

Toby Skinner

Vivian Choi

Yvonne Schmidt


Denice Leong

Ellery Seither

Emily Tait

Jessaline Tuason

Karen Lehner

Mackenzie Hamilton

Tiffany Bingaman

Tiffany Quang

What exactly is a GSD type?
Great question!

They’re smart and tenacious. They’re committed, responsible and ready to hit the ground running. They’re a boon to any project and an asset to any team. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one of these unique gamechangers working for you?

EM Marketing Get Stuff Done

“I can’t say enough about Ken and his team. I’ve hired EM at my past two jobs: they have become my ‘go to’ marketing people.”

Laura Uribarri, Director of Marketing, GoDaddy