Merian Ventures

Website Design, Development, & SEO


Merian Ventures, a venture capital firm that specifically funds women owned businesses, had a website that was serviceable in both building awareness and providing information about its firm to investors and entrepreneurs. But, they wanted to push their online presence forward with a more sophisticated, clean, and clear website. Specifically they desired more seamless navigation with a single page scroll, better responsiveness across platforms, crisper imagery, and a password protected investor portal. Finally, they wanted SEO help to ensure their site was best positioned to appear in organic online search results.

After a few failed attempts with other design firms, Merian Ventures turned to EM.


After a successful kick off call to fully understand Merian Venture's desires and goals, we did some research of various sites that they liked and that, paired with current branding and colors, served as inspiration for our new website design. We collaborated with the client throughout the process to refine the details of the design, then built and hosted their new site on WordPress.

Additionally, we completed an SEO performance report audit of their site's structure and content. As a result we implemented Google Analytics, making sure that all tracking elements were properly installed and working. We then used this to track a myriad of data and interpreted initial findings for Merian Ventures so that they could strategically craft both tracking goals and an overarching content strategy in order to leverage existing brand strength and improve their organic search performance.

EM ultimately delivered this work very quickly, and Merian Ventures was delighted with their new website.



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