Nassau Nursery School


Rebuild so that it represents Nassau Nursery School in the best light possible to prospective parents, provides a useful communication gateway to current parents, and brings all content management back to the school itself. The school was excited to refresh their “front door” so it better addressed their audiences while being optimized for search.


Based on messaging and business objectives obtained from the client, the EM team first finessed the school’s logo and color palette.  We then wireframed and designed a brand new website from scratch that was clean, easily navigable, and utilized modern lead generation best practices.

We created and executed a transition plan for a smooth switch from the old to the new site, and provided training so that the school’s parent board could update the site themselves going forward.

In the end we efficiently created and launched a site that left the client very pleased, remarking, "It really spoke to me as NNS!" and, "It looked like our brand but better."

The client also highlighted that they "loved working with EM Marketing, and would be very likely to recommend EM Marketing's services to any organization looking to up their marketing game."




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