TFA Capital Partners: Website Redesign



TFA Capital Partners was desirous of a major website redesign that would have a much more personal feel and give visitors an understanding of their business and the many ways that they can help both Native American Tribes and commercial clients. Their target audience include those in the Tribal and commercial sectors with interests in both the domestic and sovereign markets. Specific requirements included a site that would:

  • Be much simpler/ less wordy
  • Be much more current (more interactive and dynamic)
  • Look correct on mobile devices, i.e. cell phones and tablets
  • Be viewable on one screen
  • Look professionally done
  • “Humanize” TFACP staff (specifically with more pictures)
  • Be built on WordPress so they would have the ability to easily make future edits.


We overhauled their old website handling everything from wireframing, copy writing and editing, design, development, and implementation. The result is a new site with easy to scroll pages that is modern, responsive, and much simpler and more engaging than their previous site.

Client Feedback

"Everyone on the team feels that the website looks great, and your team turned things around very quickly. It looks much better than what we had all envisioned."  - Chance Cross, TFACP




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