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EM Staff at New Years Extravaganza
Our Story
We believe in true work life balance

In 2003 I suffered a health crisis which led to Spinal Cord Surgery for a rare condition called a Cavernous Malformation. The experience was extremely frightening and changed my life.

Up until this point I spent my young adult years obsessing and stressing endlessly over work. My surgery made me realize that I didn’t want my life to just be about work. I set off to follow other passions, which included: middle school basketball coach in East Palo Alto and San Francisco; and summer school Algebra teacher. To support myself financially I consulted. I’m still consulting today and I still love it!

When I started EM Marketing that very same year, I discovered what I call “true work-life balance.” A decade and more later I focus on helping talented marketers, designers, and specialists find meaningful consulting and contracting projects with great clients, so they too can find true-work life balance.

Over the years we’ve grown organically, project by project, client by client, one brick at a time — and we are excited to see what the Future of Work holds. We think EM is a small part of that future.

Ken Chen

“What I forgot to mention today was the level of appreciation we have for how structured and organized and collaborative you’ve been. I'm not sure we’ve ever seen that level of professionalism in a project of this type and scale, and that—plus the heart and attitude with which you all do your work—made the entire process enjoyable”

Scott Grand, Principal, Narrative

Community Matters
Let's do great things together

At EM Marketing, we understand that independent consulting can be lonely and challenging. You’re constantly hustling to line up your next gig, and you don’t always have a team you can lean on, learn from, or just grab a beer with.

We get it. Not only that, we can help! Our growing network of clients wants to leverage your expertise. Our dedicated team of consultants wants to get to know you and collaborate. We regularly get together for project sharing presentations, brainstorming sessions, happy hours, and even the occasional Giants game.

Whether you’re completely new to consulting or are a seasoned professional who’s looking to partner, there’s a place for you at EM. We’re a group of smart, driven consultants who are passionate about what they do, eager to meet the needs of their clients, and always up for a good time.

Got game? Looking for community? Reach out and get in touch. Let’s do great things together.

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you, the EM team and the clients EM represents. One of the most rewarding experiences in my career.”


EM Marketing Consultant A

Our Mantra
What we believe in