Adobe may be well-known in the industry for their creative tools, but driving an enterprise-level agreement across an entire organization is still no small feat. Like many large organizations, Amazon’s various creative teams choose the tools they believe are best for them. Getting their attention, having them raise an issue with their managers, without having their managers rattle the cages of the IT team is no easy task. Most IT organizations do not feel particularly obliged to help their creative departments.

Our Approach

We provided Amazon’s various creative teams with ‘real-life, hands-on’ learning of how to use Adobe's Creative products. We also availed them of the benefits and made the Adobe product a ‘must have’.


Account-Based Marketing. Built and executed a multi-touch program that helped Adobe showcase the full value of having Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise at Amazon.



Built a strategy for how team could achieve revenue for Amazon, and led its execution.
Built profile
Drove agenda with Amazon
Collaborated on outcomes of the event Ensured thoughtful follow-up

Our Approach

Key steps included:

  1. Building a profile for Amazon: What does the org chart look like? Who are the influencers within that organization? What are their creatives teams focused on? How many contacts do we have for that team?
  2. Driving engagement: Reaching out with an idea of how Adobe can help with a Design Day for Acrobat. Driving the agenda among the creative leaders within Amazon. Finding an Amazon ‘ambassador’ that could help us drive the best agenda to help creatives within Amazon.
  3. Bringing in expertise from Adobe: Outlined a very tangible agenda with keynote speakers from within and outside of Adobe. Made the agenda compelling enough (along with lunch) that internally to Amazon this was a big value add Adobe could provide
  4. Flawless execution: From speakers, to lunch, to Adobe/Amazon branded pens, to follow up surveys, Adobe as on-site and made Amazon feel like a valued partner.
  5. Making it irresistible: Once more that 300 creatives got a taste for how much more they could accomplish using Adobe, they went straight to their managers and requested Creative Cloud for Enterprise
“It would be great to have Adobe come back and tell us more about XD. There is so much more we could be doing with Adobe tools.”

Colin Elliot, UX Designer, Amazon


Adobe successfully closed a $3M+ deal and continues a strong partnership with Amazon today. Not only that, this example of Account-Based Marketing is being replicated across Adobe’s largest enterprise accounts today.

“Christine was instrumental in helping us close the deal with Amazon. The Design Day at Amazon moved us out of the ‘vendor’ category and into the ‘valued partner' arena.”

Paul Savelsbergh, Enterprise Sales Executive, Adobe