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Keeping demand gen steady during a time of transition


  • Demand Gen audit, strategy, objectives and tactical plan
  • Revamp demand gen program per strategy
  • Mapped out lead flow and follow up/nurture
  • Supported sales with day to day execution and management of program, including webinars, emails and testing
  • Training of SDRs
  • Optimized marketing automation and CRM systems


  • Provided continuity for incoming CMO and Demand Gen hires on history and results and supported them as they got up to speed
  • Left the company with a fully documented, optimized and scalable demand gen program to hand off to the new team



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Funding a new demand gen effort

Armory is the distributor of enterprise grade Spinnaker, an open source continuous delivery platform. When they got a fresh round of venture funding, they wanted to solidify their demand gen strategy for selling to IT buyers.

From strategic planning to hands on execution

EM connected Armory with a seasoned demand gen expert who assessed their current programs and results. She crafted a plan to help Armory take a more systematic and operationalized approach. Then the marketing leader suddenly left and the department began a reorganization, leaving no one to execute on the plan.

Armory senior management recognized that the demand gen initiative couldn’t wait on the reorg, and asked our consultant to stay on and take the program forward. She shifted gears into hands-on execution, taking the lead in building out webinar and email programs along with reporting and regular testing.

Recognition for a stalwart performance

Our consultant stayed on for 18 months, single handedly keeping the demand gen engine running as the marketing department was rebuilt. When the engagement ended, she was recognized by the CEO for her stalwart performance during a time of great change for the company.

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