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Standing up marketing for an ecommerce startup


  • Email marketing
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Blog writing
  • Metrics and reporting



  • Generated over 900 in-platform purchases in a 5 month period, accounting for 29% of total sales
  • Increased email open rate 2.7%
  • Increased email click thru rate .25%

Success in the bag

The founder of MAIKA, a direct to consumer ecommerce startup selling sustainably made canvas handbags, had become overwhelmed by the company’s success following a burst of positive PR. She had launched advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, but didn’t have the time to manage and optimize them for growth.

Starting the marketing function

EM connected her with an execution-oriented digital marketing generalist who had recently earned a masters degree in digital marketing. Our marketer began a testing program to try different messaging, creative and ad types, including video ads. She wrote blogs as needed to support the program. She also set up KPIs, dashboards and a regular reporting cadence to be able to use test results and data to optimize the program.

"She’s doing a good job and we hit our Q1 numbers.

I loved having her take the load off me.”

More leverage for the founder

Not only did our marketer effectively drive sales, she freed up the founder to launch an Affiliate Marketing program; work on her partnership with Good Morning America; revisit the wholesale channel, and attend industry events.

Our marketer introduced advertising products, and put a programmatic approach to testing and optimization in place. With the foundation our marketer built, the founder was then able to hire a full time employee to sustain the program.

How can we help you?

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