To Help Cyara “Improve Customer Experience on Planet Earth,” EM Marketing Is Always On Call.

More than 300 leading global brands trust the Cyara CX Assurance Platform to improve customer service via interactive voice response (IVR) systems and call center representatives. 

The Australia-based company opened an office in Silicon Valley in 2016, and hired CMO Linda Chen to lead marketing, events, content, branding, pre-sales/sales, and client success.

With a lot to do and a team of just two additional people, Linda tapped into EM Marketing’s wide and deep bench of consultants. “We had one chance to re-brand ourselves in a modern way,” Linda recalls. “Our small team needed experts who could hit the ground running with us, and I knew that the people from EM Marketing had a proven track record.” 

EM Marketing consultant Kevin Cranfill, a Creative Director and Copywriter, was the first person contracted to support the Cyara team. Right from the start he hit a home run, with a new company tagline that’s still in use today: “Customer Smiles, Delivered at Scale.” 

The success of that first experience led Linda and her team to call on Kevin for additional messaging assignments for product launches, event promotions, and video scripts. 

“Linda and her team couldn’t have been easier to work with,” Kevin recalls. “Across all phases of our collaboration, they were clear about what they wanted and provided helpful, detailed feedback. It was a real team effort and a ‘flawless journey’ from start to finish.” 


Ongoing Bursts of Inspiration and Implementation

It soon became clear to Linda that she could rely on EM Marketing whenever her internal team was overwhelmed with work or needed additional capabilities. 

“EM Marketing sparks us when we’re stuck on something, or when we need expertise in a specific area that’s outside our skillset,” says Elizabeth Magill, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Cyara who reports to Linda.

Key Deliverables

  • Content Strategy
  • Messaging Copy (Headlines, Taglines, Talking Points)
  • Email Campaign Messaging
  • Social Campaign Messaging
  • PowerPoint Scriptwriting
  • SEO Recommendations
  • Keyword Research/Technical Audit
  • Meta Tags and Descriptions 
  • Web Optimization Action Plan 
  • HubSpot/WordPress Templates

EM Marketing consultant Dan Gehant, for example, was contracted by Cyara to conduct an SEO deep-dive that included a site audit, keyword research, and content strategy development. The goal was to help prospects find Cyara online more organically.

As Cyara’s resident SEO expert, Dan acted as both player and coach. He guided and assisted the web developer with technical improvements related to site speed, internal links, and html errors, and educated the core marketing team on the value, traffic level, and user intent of different keywords. “We spent some time covering the search marketplace,” Dan says. “I helped the Cyara team understand the sites they were competing against for rankings, and showed them how to use search result pages (SERPs) to improve their own rankings.

As part of the engagement, Dan developed a keyword dashboard so the client could track priority keywords, and developed a strategic content framework that allowed Cyara to more effectively engage audiences with different content types: utility, social currency, inspiration, etc.

“Based on the keyword research, content types, and Cyara’s market position, we helped Cyara develop customized content topics and created a step-by-step process for executing strategic content,” Dan says. “The Cyara team was really great to work with and eager to learn. At the end of my time there they were confident in their abilities to set the right content priorities and make the right investments in their website.”

SEO and Content Strategy Results

  • Improved technical elements in the website for faster, more efficient search. 
  • Convenient dashboard for tracking priority keywords.
  • Developed a strategic framework for ongoing content development.

In similar fashion, Cyara contracted with EM Marketing consultant Mitch Larson, a growth marketing and analytics specialist, for paid search and social campaigns designed to generate leads and acquire new customers.

“We came in and helped the client develop a keyword inventory, launch a campaign, and optimize it as results started coming in,” Mitch recalls. “We were working with a fixed monthly budget, so we had to create a mix of keywords that worked as efficiently as possible.” By the end of the engagement, paid search became Cyara’s top non-branded channel for bringing in new leads, accounting for up to 40% of the total. 

For social media advertising, Mitch advised Cyara on targeting and content for LinkedIn and Facebook. “One of the key services we provided was tracking events earlier in the funnel to see if things were working as expected,” Mitch says. “These micro-conversion events measured engagement through ad clicks and website usage.” 

Mitch provided expertise in areas where Cyara was lacking, namely paid media, data analysis, and reporting. While the COVID-19 pandemic caused Cyara to turn off ads temporarily, Mitch delivered an automatically updating report that shows website engagement and makes projections on funnel-stage events based on web activity.   

Paid Search and Social Results

  • Paid search became Cyara’s top non-branded channel for bringing in new leads, accounting for up to 40% of the total. 
  • Micro-conversion events allow Cyara to get a more granular understanding of cost per engaged user.

EM Marketing consultant Chris Lee saved the Cyara marketing team a ton of time by setting up a variety of HubSpot templates. 

“Blog posts, visual newsletters, emails, and landing pages used to take the Cyara team days to produce,” Chris says. “Now with point-and-click templates in place, they can get things done in less than 15 minutes with no coding required.” 

In addition to the time savings, the HubSpot templates gave Cyara a fresh new look that conveys industry leadership and innovation. “The HubSpot platform really is a secret weapon for a lot of clients,” Chris says. “Once they have the technology set up, it offers incredible flexibility and the ability to create stunning visuals.”



HubSpot Template Results

  • New landing pages, newsletters, and emails can be produced in less than 15 minutes (not days) with no HTML/CSS/Dev experience. 
  • Stronger visual aesthetic that positions Cyara as a leader and innovator.
  • Greater return on HubSpot investment.

“The consultants from EM Marketing do fantastic work and give us tremendous flexibility,” Linda says. “They have come to our rescue on a regular basis, and, even as we build out our internal team, they will remain a valuable resource for us.” 

According to Charlie Mock, Head of Growth & Data Analytics for EM Marketing who manages the Cyara relationship, having clients like Cyara is particularly gratifying. “When Linda or Elizabeth call on us we know they have an urgent need for a job well done,” he says. “Coming through for them on a regular basis makes them super happy, and that’s a great feeling for us, too.”


How Can We Help You?

Whether your marketing needs are big or small, short-term or long-term, you can count on EM Marketing consultants to be your trusted partners. When you have a job that needs to get done right in any marketing practice area, from content, design, and SEO to strategy, operations, and analytics, let’s talk.

Consultant Capabilities Contracted

  • Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Technical and Holistic SEO
  •  Lead Generation 
  • HubSpot/WordPress