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Raising the profile of Facebook for Education


  • Website relaunch
  • Multi-channel social strategy and posting
  • Narrative revision and storytelling
  • Case studies


  • 20% uptick in Facebook followers and engagement, crossing 1 million followers
  • New, diverse inclusive website
  • Uptick in partnership activity

On a mission to build vibrant learning communities

Facebook for Education’s mission is to give people the power to promote equity and innovation in their learning communities. Facebook wanted to elevate Facebook for Education to the community at large and to the internal partnership team as part of their new emphasis on communities and on their work with educators. That meant revising the narrative; showcasing the work that educators were doing on the platform across multiple channels, and engaging with partners and participants to find ways to build more vibrant learning communities.

Cross functional thought leadership + execution

EM provided a consultant who had worked in higher education both as a college professor and a communications specialist, and who had also worked in social media marketing and PR at various organizations. He was able to be a thought partner to Facebook’s marketing lead as they hashed out a new strategy, and then quickly move into tactical execution.

They were operating in new territory, and our consultant rose to the occasion with outside the box thinking, ability to move forward despite uncertainty, and extreme flexibility to change course. This was important as they iterated ways to more clearly articulate educators' voices across the programs, products, and tools. He brought the marketing muscle and program and budget management needed to operationalize partnership programs and community building, and the social media and PR chops to communicate the value of Facebook to the education community.

Bringing the narrative to life

A clear content strategy, stronger storytelling in multiple mediums and a steady cadence of social postings across multiple channels brought the narrative to life. Social engagement grew 20%, and they were able to reach a milestone of 1 million followers on their Facebook page.

The new, more diverse and inclusive website and revamped social presence spoke directly to educators in their language. Celebrating their achievements with more case studies helped them see themselves in the platform and understand the role technology could play in supporting them. They became better equipped to access use the platform to build their community--whether that was local, regional or international.

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