KUIU, a direct-to-consumer hunting gear and apparel company, had built a passionate customer base in just a few years. KUIU’s leadership wanted to invest in its marketing and ecommerce strategy, content, brand/design and systems to lay a foundation for exponential growth during the retail season.

Our Approach

We quickly constructed a diverse, specialized team, including a project manager with significant digital marketing experience, a Creative Director, a positioning strategist, a website project manager, and an eCommerce specialist.

We began by first auditing KUIU’s existing branding, content and marketing/ecommerce systems. From there we built the foundational elements for effectively acquiring customers and driving sales: Brand Identity, Messaging, Email Strategy & Redesign, Website Strategy & Redesign, and eCommerce systems.


Ecommerce Systems Audit
Design Audit
Develop Brand Identity Strategy
Email Strategy, Content, & Redesign
Website User Testing
A/B Testing
Website Strategy & Content


Messaging Brief
Brand Guidelines
Website Tagline & Copy
Website Redesign
Redesign Email Templates

Brand Messaging
Ill-Mockup@3x Copy-1x
Brand Identity
Our Approach

Key steps included:

• Establishing a foundation, whereby we could dive deep into KUIU’s existing materials (design & guidelines; eCommerce systems) execute user testing of their existing site, and deliver a set of quick fixes for their existing website to fix low hanging design and copy issues.

• Delivering client a new brand guidelines manual, providing updated strategy and content for both their website and email marketing efforts, investing in conversion rate optimization and merchandising reordering efforts, and redesigning their email welcome series.

• Completing a full website redesign. We began by developing a new sitemap and wireframes. We then embarked on an iterative design process by providing multiple concepts, refining the winning concept over multiple rounds, and laying out a half dozen additional pages based on the finalized homepage design. We provided clickable prototypes for all designs, everything was responsive to accommodate all types of devices and screen sizes, and we diligently prepared all files for development.

“I love the integration of the photography and the focus on the product. It’s lovely.”

Nancy Norris, VP Ecommerce & Digital Marketing, KUIU


The client was ecstatic with the results. They enjoyed the feel of the new typography, the abandonment of blocky design, and the incorporation of interactive pieces between photography and products. They felt that all content, design, and strategy had helped elevate the brand and that the new content-rich website was well positioned to leverage existing KUIU content to drive customer engagement.